Mike's Custom Creations
Wood (mostly)
Small display in Settlers Ridge Centre
in The Artisan Loft
275 Brockville St, Smiths Falls, ON Canada
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If you have any questions, requests, or suggestions, you can contact me in many different ways, like an email, a phone call, a text message, by fax, postal mail, drop-in, or the form below, and you can even try telepathically if you wish.

To place a custom order, please use my "Custom Order Form".

* * * Store
Small display in The Artisan Loft
Settlers Ridge Centre
275 Brockville St, Smiths Falls, ON
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Settlers Ridge Centre

* * * Email

* * * Phone
1-613-206-2872 or toll free @ 1-888-235-7513

* * * Text Message
text to 613-206-2872 or text via email to 6132062872@message.koodomobile.com

* * * Fax
send fax to 18335241979

* * * Postal Mail
Mike's Custom Creations
18 Osborne Road RR3,
Athens, ON
K0E 1B0

* * * Workshop (aka my home)
(by appointment only)

* * * Form
Include a way for me to get back to you if you want a reply.

Email Address:
Phone: include country and area code (eg. 1-613-206-2872)



* * * Telepathically
Try it if you want, but I may not get the message. ;-)

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