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I, , would like to sign up the following child/children for the Kid's Workshop checked below, being presented by Mike's Custom Creations.

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Child's Name:         Age:
Child's Name:         Age:

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Ages 2+ simple plaque (1/4" plywood) - $15 (Tuesday, March 17 @ noon)
Ages 5+ fancy plaque (3/4" lumber with routered edges) - $25 (Thursday, March 19 @ noon)
The fancy plaques are only available in simple shapes due to the fancy routered edges.

Select plaque preferences here (optional), or just pick from what is available when you arrive.


prefinished plaque - just add wording and decorations
Best for little kids and can be done in as little as 15 minutes, but can spend 2 hours on it if desired.
primed plaque - paint as desired, let paint dry, then decorate
Generally 1 to 2 hours
unfinished plaque - keep the wood grain
Little kids can just leave it bare wood and do what they want, or bigger kids can stain or varnish it, then decorate and personalize as desired.

Payment Method: in person   online - Paypal   online - credit card   online - Interac
For online payment, you will receive instructions within 24 hours.
For in person payment, you can come to my store, or I can meet you somewhere.
Spaces aren't reserved until paid for.

Email or Phone: (to contact you)

Additional Notes:

Rules, Terms and Conditions
For any of the project plans, it's up to you to decide if the child/children is/are ready for the project. Some 2 year olds can glue things together and some 5 year olds can't. Every child is different, and his/her abilities are unique. You, or another adult, will be present to help the child/children, so age isn't a big factor. It just determines how much the adult will need to help. I will show the children and adults each step to perform, and I, or the adult, can help each child if needed. I will teach appropriate safety, have a first aid kit, and have child suitable safety equipment when needed, but the adult that comes is ultimately responsible for the child's safety.

Digital Signature: By checking this box , you agree to supervise and be responsible for the well being and safety of the child(ren) with you at all times during the workshop.
If you are signing up for someone else, you can check this box to signify that the accompanying adult has agreed to these terms, or that person can manually sign the form at the workshop later.

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